Roding Valley Lake Oxygen Levels Near Normal

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Oxygen Levels approaching 50 percent have signalled a major improvement in the condition of Roding Valley Lake.

Councillor Mitch Cohen, Leisure and Young People Portfolio Holder said: The good news is that oxygen levels are now approaching near normal thanks to a combination of natural recovery and aeration equipment. Therefore thanks to the improvement in conditions over the weekend there is no need to continue artificial aeration and the equipment will be removed. However, this does not suggest that we are becoming complacent and will continue to monitor oxygen levels.

He continued: Some more dead fish have appeared but have probably been dead for some time. A few more are likely to appear as decomposition gasses bring them to the surface and we will have a further clear up later this week.

The experts from the Environment Agency are still struggling to understand exactly what happened at Roding Valley Lake. It now seems very unlikely that a sewage leak was to blame. It is much more likely to be what they would call a natural event, possibly associated with a sudden growth of blanket weed or algae although this remains speculation.

Our staff will continue to work with the Environment Agency to find the cause. A meeting will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks once the tests have been completed. We will then be in a position to see if there was anything we could reasonably have done to foresee such an event and whether it could be possible to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

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