VJ Day – remembering the sacrifices

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A 2 minute silence was held today at the civic offices in Epping as staff and visitors commemorated the 70th anniversary of VJ Day, Victory over Japan Day #VJDay70.


Commemorations will be held to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Japan Day on Saturday 15 August 2015 in Central London.

Remembering the sacrifices of 70 years ago

Chairman Liz Webster said

Good morning, my name is Councillor Liz Webster. I am the Chairman of Epping Forest District Council and in a few moments I would like you to join with me in silent remembrance as we commemorate VJ Day – Victory over Japan, and the final end of World War Two.

Early in August 1945 the World witnessed the defining moments of the 20th Century. The atomic bombs exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrendered and the Second World War officially came to an end.

Unlike the war in Europe, the war in the Far East was a very long way away. It would be years before all the soldiers, sailors and airmen returned home. Many were emaciated shadows of their former selves. Thousands of the ‘Forgotten Army’, especially those who found themselves prisoners-of-war, did not return at all. It was also a war of civilians on all sides. In Japan, men women and children experienced the full horror of nuclear war for the first and – so far – only time.

Saturday 15 August is the 70th anniversary of VJ Day. Commemorations are taking place across the world. It will be a time of sombre reflection as people of all nations pause to remember.

The Royal British Legion plays an invaluable role in honouring the memory of those days. Remembering the sacrifices of 70 years ago and learning from the mistakes of the past may help us build a better world for the future.

Please join with me now as we stand in silent tribute.

Thank you and God bless you.

Listen to the statement VJ Day commemoration