Crash exercise for airfield fire crews

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North Weald Airfield’s Fire and Rescue Crew were put through their paces in a simulated crash, known as incident response training, involving a car and a plane.

Incident response training

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In the exercise on 17 December 2015, a vehicle strayed onto the runway and collided with a light aircraft. This resulted in the plane catching fire and the driver of the vehicle being killed and the passenger seriously injured.

Incident response training is vital

Once the crew had extinguished the fire, they turned their attentions to the casualties. One person was trapped in the vehicle with a serious head laceration and possible blunt trauma injury. The casualty was extracted using a speed board and placed on a scoop stretcher. He was taken to the designated casualty clearing area where he was stabilised until handover to the paramedics.

Our Emergency Planning Officer played the role of the main casualty. Screaming and covered in fake blood his realistic approach added to the authenticity of the exercise.

Incident response training is vital for the Airfield’s Fire and Rescue crew. It helps to hone the crews skills in team working, dealing with fires, extracting casualties and performing life-saving trauma treatment.

Realistic training

Darren Goodey, North Weald Airfield manager said: “Nothing can prepare you for the real thing. This is realistic training that reflects the type of emergency our crews could be called to.”

“It was a great success from which a lot was learnt by all involved.”