Parking enforcement scam

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Fake parking notices are being distributed in Loughton High Road. Epping Forest District Council and the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) say that motorists parking between 261 and 309 High Road should check the validity of any notice they find on their car headed ‘PARKING RESTRICTION’.

Fake parking enforcment notice

Although the notice has a rough copy of the District Council brand logo, Epping Forest District Council has nothing to do with on-street parking enforcement. On-street parking is the responsibility of Essex County Council, which is run through the NEPP.

Misrepresenting the council

A spokesperson, on behalf of Epping Forest District Council said: “We don’t know who has produced these notices, but they should be aware that by misrepresenting the council they are putting themselves at risk of civil action, which is something that the district council takes very seriously.”

No waiting restrictions

A spokesperson for the North Essex Parking Partnership said: “There are currently no waiting restrictions as described by the fake notice in this part of the High Road. A scheme to introduce Pay and Display parking in this area has recently been agreed and this will shortly be advertised through on-street notices and in a local paper.”

“Genuine parking notices must be described as a Penalty Charge Notices and those issued by the NEPP will always include its logo, details of legislation, and of the penalty it has been issued for, and the reverse will include contact, payment and process details.”

“Anyone issued with a genuine enforcement notice can always check with the NEPP to ensure its authenticity. Records taken by NEPP Civil Enforcement Officers and the fact that NEPP Penalty Charge Notices include unique references mean it is possible to ascertain the authenticity of these notices.”

Any information?

The council spokesperson added: “Anyone who has information about the source of these bogus notices should contact Epping Forest District Council on 01992 564082.”