Become a WasteBuster

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Care about your community, saving money and improving the environment? Why not become a WasteBuster.

Waste Busters poster

WasteBusters are a group of volunteers aiming to make a difference in their local communities by reducing waste, reusing resources and ultimately saving money.

All volunteers receive a free training day and are taught about:

  • Reducing food waste
  • Home composting
  • Reusing and refurbishing items

Volunteers will then be able to share their knowledge with the local community:

  • Hold stalls at local events,
  • Talk to local community group
  • Host drop-ins, workshops or demonstrations
  • Write blogs on reusing and recycling

All WasteBusters as well as receiving free annual training will get a starter kit including, a t-shirt & fleece, first aid kit & tally counter. In addition all travel expenses will be covered and all volunteers who give 15, 30 and 60 hours to the volunteer group will receive rewards.

Benefits our district and everyone who lives within it

Epping Forest District Council organises the domestic kerbside refuse and recycling collection service. Environment Portfolio Holder Councillor Will Breare-Hall is supporting Waste Busters. He said: ‘ Waste Busters is a great idea.  The District Council collects the rubbish and the County Council disposes of it. Thanks to our residents, Epping Forest District is already one of the best areas for recycling in the country and this is another great way to boost that position. Every scrap of waste we reduce, reuse or recycle benefits our district and everyone who lives within it. It cuts greenhouse gas emissions, further reduces reliance on landfill and disposal costs, putting more money back into the pockets of residents through lower tax.’

Want to become a WasteBuster?

Book a places at the next training day Friday 4 March, Loughton Library, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm

WasteBusters is open to all ages over 16 and all backgrounds

If you would like to become a WasteBuster you can either

For more info visit