Flying the flag for Commonwealth Day

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The Commonwealth flag was raised outside the civic offices in Epping to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

Joining with local authorities throughout the UK on 14 March 2016, this year’s theme An Inclusive Commonwealth celebrates the diversity of the Commonwealth.

Chairman Liz Webster with the Commonwealth flag

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Proud to be part of

Chairman of Council, Councillor Liz Webster said: “The Commonwealth is made up of 2 billion people from 53 countries, of many faiths, races, languages and cultures, we at Epping Forest District Council are proud to be part of this great family.”

An Inclusive Commonwealth

This year’s theme celebrates the diversity of the Commonwealth, which is made up of more than 2 billion people. Every one of them is different, and each of them has something unique to offer.

The Commonwealth Charter asserts that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated fairly, whether they are rich or poor, without regard to their race, age, gender, belief or other identity.

The Commonwealth builds a better world by including and respecting everybody and the richness of their personalities.

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