10 reasons to compost

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Whether you’re an enthusiastic gardener or just getting started, setting up your own compost bin not only benefits your garden but also reduces the amount of waste to be processed!

10 reasons to compost

10 reasons to compost

To coincide with National Compost Awareness Week from 1 to 7 May 2016 why not get your garden greener with these 10 reasons to compost from Recycle for Essex and Essex County Council.

  1. Composting at home is easy, all you need is a mixture of  garden clippings and kitchen peeling
  2. It’s free, once you have bought your compost bin or built a heap
  3. Essex County Council helps residents get started by providing low cost compost bins and a helpful online guide and regular newsletter
  4. It reduces the amount of organic waste that goes to landfill sites – methane emissions from landfill account for 40% of all UK methane emissions
  5. It reduces the amount of garden waste collected and processed by your local council therefore reducing pollution and your carbon footprint
  6. It is a brilliant alternative to peat, which is controversially dug to produce shop bought compost
  7. It encourages wildlife – the natural process of decomposition require micro-organisms and invertebrates. These in turn may be eaten by slow worms, birds and hedgehogs
  8. It’s great for your garden – you know what you have put in it and so it’s as natural as you make it
  9. It improves the structure and nutrient content of your soil allowing you to grow healthy fruit vegetables and garden plants
  10. It can also be used as a lawn dressing, mulch and potting mix

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get out in the garden and start your own compost heap!

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