Teaching dogs new tricks

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Teaching dog owners how to handle and care for their dog is the aim of the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme.

13 dogs including labrador, border collie and a curly coat retriever passed different levels of awards at Thornwood Village Hall on Sunday 24 April 2016.

  • Gold award 7 dogs and their handlers took part and 4 teams passed
  • Silver award 4 dogs and their handlers took part and all 4 teams passed
  • Bronze award 8 dogs and their handlers took part and 5 teams passed

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Fun way to train your dog

Animal warden Lyn Cook said: “Good dog behaviour and obedience is important. The Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Schemes is a fun way to train your dog and learn how to keep them happy and healthy.”

“Microchipping your dog became law on 6 April 2016. Dog owners can be fined up to £500 if their dog isn’t microchipped by the time it’s 8 weeks old. A microchip would help reunite owners with their dog if they were lost, found hurt, or even stolen.”

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