Voters can use pen if they want to

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There are reports in national newspapers and on social media urging voters to take a pen to the polling booth and not to use the pencil provided in case their vote is rubbed out.

Welcome to bring a pen

Glen Chipp, Local Counting Officer for the Epping Forest district said: ‘Voters are welcome to bring a pen to the polling station and use it to mark their cross if they want to.’

Ballot boxes ready

‘There is a lot of excitement on social media about pens verses pencils, and the use of hashtag #usepens.’

‘Pencils have always been the traditional way of marking  your vote at polling stations. They are the simplest most reliable way of making a cross, they never dry up, they can be sharpened if they become blunt and unlike ink, lead doesn’t run if it gets wet.’

More rain and thunderstorms

Glen added: ‘I would urge voters to vote as soon as they can as more rain and thunderstorms have been forecast for this evening.’