EU referendum result

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On Thursday 23 June 2016 over 41,000 polling stations were open from 7am and 10pm in the UK, with 75 in the Epping Forest district, so that voters can cast their vote in the EU Referendum.

EU referendum


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  • 11.15pm – all ballot boxes are at the count centre at Debden Park High School
  • 1.05am – verification well underway
  • 1.30am – verfication announced – electorate 100,016 / verified ballot papers 76,900 = turnout for Epping Forest district 76.9%
  • 3.30am – result declared for Epping Forest district – REMAIN 28,676 / LEAVE 48,176
  • 7.05am – UK votes to leave EU by 52% to 48%.

EU Referendum count process

Once polling stations close at 10pm, the sealed ballot boxes will be transported securely to one of the 382 count centres in the UK. The local count centre for the Epping Forest district is at Debden Park High School in Loughton.


The ballot papers will be verified first. Once our Local Counting Officer Glen Chipp is satisfied all ballot papers are accounted for, the local turnout figure will be announced.

The local turnout figure is the number of votes cast as a percentage of the total electorate for that area.

Counting the votes

Once the contents of ballot boxes have been verified, these votes can be sorted into the 2 outcomes – Remain or Leave – and the number of votes for each will be counted.

Local totals

Once all votes have been counted at the local count centre, the Local Counting Officer Glen Chipp will relay the local total to the Eastern Regional Counting Officer.

Regional totals

There are 11 regional collation centres, where the Regional Counting Officers will be located. The Regional Counting Officer for the Eastern region is based at Chelmsford. They will collate all the local totals for their electoral region and submit the regional total to the Chief Counting Officer for authorisation.

Once authorised, Steve Packham, the Regional Counting Officer for the Eastern region will declare the regional total.

National UK totals

Once all of the regional totals have been received, authorised and declared, the Chief Counting Officer will declare the national result.

Jenny Watson, Chair of the Electoral Commission is the Chief Counting Officer.


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