Bin lorry gets out of a hole

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A freak accident in Loughton left a 26 tonne Biffa dustcart stranded after it fell into a hole in the road.

The accident in Barfields Loughton on Thursday 21 July 2016, left the Biffa lorry resting on its axle. However, great teamwork by Biffa, the council, Essex Police and BJG Rescue Service soon had the 26 tonne lorry back on its wheels.

26 tonne lorry stranded

The crew was nearing the end of a routine day collecting green recycling from homes in Loughton when the driver felt his cab start to lean. He thought he had a puncture but it soon became clear the road underneath the off-side rear wheels had collapsed into a deep hole and left the 26 tonne lorry stranded on its axle and chassis. Another crew were diverted to complete the rest of their round.

A heavy recovery vehicle was called and just a few hours after becoming stranded, the bin lorry was back on its wheels, having apparently suffered little or no damage.


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The road just collapsed

Staff from Epping Forest District Council’s drainage team were among the first to get close to the hole. A spokesman for Epping Forest District Council said: “We had a look. There are pipes serving local houses and taking surface water away under that stretch of road.”

“We think there may be a bit of an obstruction and some damage to the pipes. Combined with the recent heavy rain it could have eroded the subsoil away. The bin lorry was laden with recycling. When it stopped over the void, the road just collapsed and the lorry went in. Our first priority was to get the lorry out.”

The rescue was a real team effort

“We called Essex County Council Highways to make the road safe, and Thames Water to carry out an investigation before making repairs. The rescue was a real team effort, with lots of people involved. We also made some friends among the residents of Barfields who kept the recovery team supplied with cups of tea throughout. With other Biffa crews completing the round, we hope hardly anyone noticed the delay.”

“It was a very hot day and we would like to thank the residents of Barfields for their hospitality and patience.”