Council Tax Support scheme consultation

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The Local Council Tax Support scheme helps people in financial need to pay their Council Tax. We get a grant from the Government to pay the Local Council Tax Support but it is reducing each year and we are consulting with residents on how to fund the shortfall.

Council Tax reduction scheme consultation

Continue or change?

If we continue with the current scheme this could affect the amount of Council Tax you pay or it could mean we have to cut services, but if residents choose to change the current scheme there are 4 options

  • Option 1 – Removing the Family Premium for all new working age applicants
  • Option 2 – Reducing Backdating to 1 month
  • Option 3 – Reducing the period for which a person can be absent from Great Britain and still receive Local Council Tax Support, to 4 weeks
  • Option 4 – To limit the number of dependant children within the calculation for Council Tax Reduction to a maximum of two when children are born on or after 1 April 2017

The consultation is open to all residents to complete and closes on Sunday 16 October 2016.

Tough financial decisions

Councillor Gagan Mohindra, Finance Portfolio Holder said: “We will continue to support residents who need our help as much as we can, but we don’t have unlimited resources. As funding from the Government is reduced we have to make tough financial decisions and we want to be as fair as possible to protect our most vulnerable residents.”

“We really want to hear the views of everyone in the district, whether they’re receiving Council Tax Support or not. The feedback from this consultation will be discussed by the cabinet on 1 December 2016 before any decision is taken.”