Confirm your voting details by 19 September

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Every household that is yet to confirm their voting details has been sent a reminder to complete their Household Enquiry Form (HEF) by 19 September 16.

Complee your houshold enquiry form online

Your form will be in an envelope marked ‘Do not ignore this’, it is not junk mail.

If there have been no changes to your household, by law you still need to respond to confirm your details.

It is not necessary to return the form to us – in fact it’s far easier to confirm your details online, by freephone or text message. It only takes a couple of minutes and all you need is the 2 part security code on your form.

  • Confirm online

  • Confirm by phone 0800 197 9871

  • Text NOCHANGE – with your security number to 80212

Make changes online

If there are changes you can amend the information online easily and quickly. You will need the 2 part security code on the form.

You can also amend the form and return it to us in the prepaid envelope.

Individuals will then be contacted to verify the changes.

Just because you are eligible to vote, it doesn’t mean that you are registered to vote. You will need to register individually at this is separate from the Household Enquiry Form.

Help keep costs down

Returning Officer Glen Chipp said: ”Reminder forms have been sent because we had not received confirmation by the deadline, which was 22 August 2016. The next deadline is 19 September, so please respond as soon as you can to help keep costs down.  If we do not receive confirmation either online, by phone, text or completed form then a second Reminder will be sent. If you have a query please contact the Electoral Office on 01992 564411.”

”Elections can be called with as little as 6 weeks’ notice. Registering to vote makes sure you can have your say. It also helps your credit rating as credit agencies can see you live where you claim to live. Electoral law means we have to do this every year, it’s known as the annual canvass.”