Rise in attempted burglaries

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Residents are being warned of a rise in attempted burglaries at properties in the Epping Forest district where burglar alarms are fitted.

Fortunately these incidents have been recorded as attempted burglaries as no entry was gained due to the alarm activating. Burglars nearly always target houses where no alarm is fitted so we are concerned why this is happening.

Secure, protect, prevent image by Essex Police


It could be for one of these reasons

  • if a house is fitted with an outside alarm box which is metal (all new ones are plastic) that is rusted, damaged or dirty, a burglar may think the alarm has not been maintained and not in use
  • most alarms have a deactivation period to allow you to get into the house and disable the alarm. Many residents allow themselves 60 seconds but this also gives a burglar 60 seconds in your home before the alarm sounds. In most cases this only needs to be around 20 seconds
  • Is your outside alarm box clearly visible from the approach to your property and does it have a flashing light fitted to warn a potential burglar off? It may be that the burglar was not aware there was an alarm fitted. As the saying goes “it pays to advertise”. Most alarm boxes have a flashing light fitted to them to attract any potential burglar to its presence and to warn them off

Free and impartial advice

For free and impartial advice contact

  • Tony Ellis – Essex Police Crime Prevention Assistant for the Epping Forest district
    Call 101 ext 319383
  • Ross Brazier – Essex Police Crime Prevention Tactical Advisor at Loughton Police Station
    Call 101 ext 313416
  • Paul Gardener – Epping Forest District Council Community Safety Officer
    Call 01992 564608

Don’t give burglars a chance

Councillor Gary Waller Safer, Greener and Transport Portfolio Holder said: “Windows, doors, patios, garages are all ways into a home for a burglar – make sure yours are locked and secure.”

“Always report any suspicious activity to Essex Police straight away. Either report it online or call the 101 non-emergency crime number. Don’t give burglars a chance – let’s work together to keep the Epping Forest district safe.”