Make sure you can vote in the General Election

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A snap General Election has been called by the UK Government for Thursday 8 June 2017.

If you want to vote in the 8 June General Election you must be registered to vote. The deadline to register is midnight on Monday 22 May 2017.

General Election Thursday 8 June 2017

Don’t lose your vote

Glen Chipp, Returning Officer for the Epping Forest constituency said: “All Epping Forest district residents not yet registered to vote should take action now. You can’t vote unless you’re registered. Don’t lose your vote.”

Register online – it’s quick and easy

It’s now easier than ever to register to vote online. Go to

All you need to verify your identity is your

  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance number
  • Nationality
  • Previous address (if you have recently moved)

It’s quick and easy and takes just a few minutes to fill in.

Ways to vote

Glen added: “Most people vote in person at a polling station. If you’re not able to make it to a polling station you can apply for a postal vote, the deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm on 23 May 2017.”

“Alternatively if you want someone else to vote on your behalf you can apply for a proxy vote, the deadline for proxy vote applications is 5pm on 31 May 2017.”

Contact our elections team

Glen ended with: “If you’ve received a polling card you don’t need to register again. If you’re unsure contact our elections team by emailing or calling 01992 564411.”

Find out more on our elections and voting pages.