Don’t ignore your household enquiry form

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We want all our residents who can vote, to be able to. This means they have to be on the register of electors.

Every year we have to send out a household enquiry form (HEF) to update the register of electors, don’t ignore it, please respond immediately.

Returning Officer Glen Chipp showing that online is the easiest and quickest way to complete the household enquiry form

All properties in the district will be sent a household enquiry form to find out if there have been any changes. This is known as the annual canvass. It tells us details of people who have moved out and adds details of new occupants.

You must respond, even if your details haven’t changed and even you voted in May and/or June this year.

Do it online now

“It’s easiest and quickest to confirm your details or make any changes online,” says Glen Chipp, Electoral Registration Officer, “it’s also the cheapest method for us as it helps keep our costs down.”

“We might get as little as 6 weeks notice if another snap election was called and there are local elections planned in May 2018. It’s vital that you complete your household enquiry form immediately so you don’t risk losing your chance to vote.”

Complete your household enquiry form online

No changes, all details are the same

You will need the 2 part security code on your household enquiry form and do 1 of 3 options

  1. Confirm online at
  2. Text NOCHANGE – with your security number to 80212
  3. Confirm by phone 0800 197 9871

If there are changes

You will need the 2 part security code on your household enquiry form and do 1 of 2 options.

  1. Amend the information online easily and quickly at
  2. Amend the form and return it to us in the prepaid envelope – please make sure you give a contact phone number or email address in case of queries

Changes are a 2 stage process

Remember – the HEF is only an enquiry form.

Adding new names when responding online or adding names on the form doesn’t actually add those people to the register.

To complete the registration process you will need your date of birth, national insurance number, nationality and any previous address. Please also make sure you include a contact phone number and/or email address in case of queries.

Make sure you can vote

Glen Chipp added: “People think that they are automatically added to the register of electors because they are paying Council Tax or receiving Housing Benefit but that’s not the case. Not being on the register of electors can affect your credit rating and therefore you might have difficulty opening a bank account, getting credit, a loan, a mortgage or even a mobile phone!”

“Don’t ignore your HEF, by law you must confirm your details, or you may face a fine of up to £1,000. Please respond immediately you receive your HEF and by 23 August at the very latest.”