Respond to final reminders for annual canvass

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The final canvass of outstanding properties will take place between now and Wednesday 15 November 2017. The deadline for a response is Wednesday 22 November 2017.

Household Enquiry Form - Annual Canvass 2017

Final canvass

The fourth and final household enquiry forms will be delivered before the electoral register is published on 1 December 2017. If you have not registered, you will need to as soon as possible. Electoral registration is now a 2 part process.

Door knocking

Returning Officer Glen Chipp said: ”Canvassers will be knocking on the doors of these properties between 6 November and 15 November 2017 to retrieve information. Electors will have until 22 November 2017 at the very latest to respond if they wish to be included in the new register.”

First Stage

You will need the 2 part security code on your household enquiry form and you can do 1 of the following

  1. Confirm online at
  2. Text NOCHANGE – with your security number to 80212
  3. Confirm by phone 0800 197 9871

Need to make a change?

You will need the 2 part security code on your household enquiry form and can do 1 of the following

  1. Amend the information online easily and quickly at
  2. Amend the form and return it to us in the prepaid envelope – please make sure you give a contact phone number or email address in case of queries

Second stage

Merely completing the Household Enquiry Form does not mean you are registered. Don’t forget to

You will need your date of birth, national insurance number, nationality and any previous addresses. Please also make sure you include a contact phone number and/or email address in case of queries.

Electoral registration

If you receive an email about electoral registration or a paper registration form in the post, you need to respond online, by phoning Electoral services with the information requested. You can also fill in the form and send it back, but please do not ignore it.

Affected credit ratings

Glen Chipp continued: ”Any information received after 22 November 2017 will not be added to the register until January 2018. It is worth noting that not being on the electoral register can affect your credit rating in the run up to Christmas.”