Travellers and Gypsy Consultation

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District-wide consultation on the future provision of traveller and gypsy pitches within Epping Forest District will begin on 4 November 2008. Speaking before a packed public gallery and with more residents watching on large TV screens outside the Council Chamber, councillors urged as many residents as possible to complete the survey.

Planning and Economic Development Portfolio Holder Councillor Anne Grigg left members and residents in no doubt of the government requirements. She said that the Government directive to the Council left it with no choice but to proceed with consultation towards a development plan for future gypsy and traveller pitches, adding that the Council continued to contest the number of pitches allocated through the East of England Regional Assembly.

Councillor Grigg emphasised that the consultation would begin on 4 November. With other councillors, she urged residents to engage with the Council, make their views known and give the Council as much evidence as possible to put before the Government via the Examination in Public.

Mrs Grigg went on to confirm that times and venues for public exhibitions had been organised across the district. Council staff will be on hand to discuss the issues with local residents and help them participate as fully as possible in the consultation process.

A number of technical amendments are to be incorporated into the draft consultation document, clarifying issues and making minor corrections to the text before it is officially published with the start of the formal consultation process on 4 November 2008.

Paper copies will be available although Mrs Grigg recommended that as many people complete the consultation forms online as possible.

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