Annual Canvass of Electors – have you filled in your form?

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Updated information

If you have received a phone call, email or message from Epping forest District Council Elections Team asking for some further information, please respond before Friday 21 September 2018.

Around 38.000 households in Epping Forest District responded to their Household Enquiry Forms almost as soon as they received them in August– but there are still 18,500 outstanding.

Annual Canvass 2018

Use an automated service

More than half of those who responded did so by using an automated service – online/phone/text

And to keep costs down we need most of the remaining households to use a similar method because last year we spent £20,000 on sending out reminders.

Get your responses back to us

The HEF forms are a crucial part of our annual canvass of electors which begins in August every year. The first deadline has passed so we would urge everyone who hasn’t already done so, to get their responses back to us immediately.

There is a second stage to the registration process for new people added to the Household Enquiry Form. Unless this is done they won’t be able to vote in any elections or referendums.

It’s a simple process and can be done

Before 29 August.

Here’s what to do…

No changes?

Using the 2 part security code on your household enquiry form:

Changes to make?

  • Amend the information online easily and quickly online or
  • Amend the form and return it in the prepaid envelope – making sure to give a contact phone number or email address in case of queries.