Epping Club 195 licence suspended pending review

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Club 195 in Epping had its licence suspended on Friday 4 January 2019 following concerns by police about incidents of violence at or in the vicinity of the premises.

Essex Police applied for a review of the licence for Club 195 following a number of incidents across 2018.

Club 195 suspension notice

Same day suspension

Epping Forest District Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee suspended the licence on the same day the application was received.

Licensing activity not permitted

A council spokesperson said: “The decision was taken by Licensing Sub-Committee Councillors to temporarily suspend the licence with immediate effect. Licensable activities are not permitted to take place in the interim period between 4 January and the full hearing – unless an interim hearing is applied for by the licence holder.”

Full hearing

The spokesperson continued: “A final decision will be reached at the full hearing. Councillors will assess the evidence brought by Essex Police and make the decision to either amend the licence or its conditions, allow it to remain in place or revoke the licence completely.”

The applicant, Essex Police Chief Inspector Lewis Basford said: “A full hearing to review Club 195’s licence will take place in due course at which Essex Police will ask for the licence to be revoked.”