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Epping Forest District wheelie bins will be emptied for the first time on Monday 31 October. The first 6,000 bins were delivered to residents in Chigwell and Lambourne during the week of 10 October. Residents across the rest of the district are expected to receive wheelie bins on a phased basis during 2006 as the District gradually switches to the new alternate weekly refuse and recycling service. Ultimately, Epping Forest District Council hopes the new scheme will double the amount of household waste that is recycled.

The introduction of wheelie bin collections coincides with the official introduction of district-wide plastic bottle recycling in the clear recycling sacks. The Council has also confirmed the indefinite continuation of the green garden waste composting scheme.

Councillor Derek Jacobs, Environmental Protection Portfolio Holder for Epping Forest District Council urged residents to recycle. He said: The days are gone when we could throw away as much rubbish as we liked without a thought for the environmental consequences. The UK is dealing with a refuse crisis of 30 million tonnes of domestic rubbish every year. The introduction of plastic bottle recycling along with the continuation of the garden waste scheme and the gradual introduction of alternate weekly collections with wheelie bins should lead to a massive boost to recycling and cut the amount of waste we send to landfill.

Part of the preparation for introduction of the new service was the switch to same day collection of refuse and recycling. While residents are getting used to day changes, the Council is also asking people to make sure their sacks, blue boxes and bins are out by 7 am on the morning of collection.

Councillor Jacobs said: Please put your rubbish out by 7 am on collection day. Although we have always asked people to do this, the collection rounds obviously take the best part of the day and over the years people get used to expecting the refuse crews at a certain time. The switch to same day collections not only changed the day of the week on which many people have their rubbish taken away. In many cases it also altered the time of day. We have found that some people in the habit of putting their rubbish out later in the day have missed the collections. Putting your rubbish out by 7 am is the only way to ensure this does not happen.

If residents recycle as much as possible, the Council believes a standard wheelie bin should provide sufficient storage for two weeks` residual waste. As further encouragement, there will be no limit on the quantities of recycling the Council will collect. If residents do not recycle, they will soon run out of space in their wheelie bin. Each wheelie bin also has a unique property reference number so the Council will know if your neighbour tries to `borrow` yours.

Councillor Jacobs explained: As we deliver each bin, we record its reference number against our property register so there should be no arguments about whose bin is whose. If you genuinely need more space than the standard wheelie bin provides then you can apply for assessment. If you are recycling all you can but the standard bin is not large enough for your residual waste we will be happy to supply a larger or even a second wheelie bin.

Councillor Jacobs added: We need to encourage the maximum amount of recycling but we will do all we can to help residents. Smaller wheelie bins are also available and people with disabilities who are unable to manage a wheelie bin unaided can apply for assisted collections.

For more information visit the Council online at www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk or call:

Environmental Services on 01992 564608


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