Community Action in Waltham Abbey

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The Epping Forest Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership organised two community action days in Waltham Abbey. The first action day took place on Thursday 6 October at Ninefields, Hillhouse Square Community Hall and the second took place on Friday 14 October at Roundhills, Brookfield’s Community Hall.

Whilst at the Ninefields community action day, Essex Police Crime Reduction Officer Tony Ellis and EFDC Crime Reduction Assistant Beth Knight were walking around the Ninefields area talking to residents about local issues, when a youth drove past on a motorised scooter. Tony and Beth called after the youth to stop, but the youth made off. The youth was spotted later walking across the estate, he was identified by the crime reduction officers to the police officers patrolling nearby who promptly reported him for Section 59, warning him should he ride any vehicle in a manner that causes alarm, harassment or distress within a 12 month period the motorised vehicle would be confiscated.

Older residents enjoyed the days and were able to take advantage of the Handyvan scheme to obtain free window and door locks or smoke alarms.

At the Roundhills estate, Epping Forest District Council’s cash injection into the area had improved the security, quality of life and general appearance of the shopping area and new CCTV cameras were clearly visible.

Roundhills resident Mr Slade said, “This is a good idea, the noise from the youths used to be terrible, but now it has really quietened down. I do see a policeman and lady going round checking the area.” Another resident added, “There used to be a lot of yobs here at night but it is much better now.”

Crime reduction officer Tony Ellis said, “The feedback we have got from the residents that attended both venues was extremely positive.
The measures we have taken regarding anti-social behaviour have clearly made an impact but there is much work still to be done. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days, there was a great community atmosphere.”



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