Strategy for Healthcare in West Essex 2008-2012

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People in west Essex can look forward to ambitious and far reaching changes to local NHS services according to a report issued by West Essex Primary Care Trust (PCT). The PCTs report, Strategy for healthcare in west Essex 2008-2012, makes clear its goals for improving the health of the local population by preventing illness and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Following lengthy consultation with staff, stakeholders, local people and others with an interest in healthcare, the PCT has produced a strategy which outlines its plans for proving healthcare over the next five years. The document lists what it expects to achieve within one year and five years.

    Commitments include:

  • agreeing plans to reprovide GP premises at Stansted, Harlow and Epping
  • rolled out the chlamydia screening programme to at least 15% of under 25s
  • reduced the levels of adult obesity and halted the rise in children`s obesity
  • introduced more flexible GP opening hours
  • increased the number of MMR vaccinations to at least national levels

The PCT is committed to working with partners and local people to achieve these commitments as well as achieving maximum value from the money it spends.

PCT chief executive Aidan Thomas said: “Our strategy for healthcare sets out our plans for the next five years. It takes into account national and regional initiatives. As the local NHS our aim is to provide as much care as possible, where it is safe to do so, out in the community and in people’s own homes. We know our goals are ambitious however, we are clear about what we want to achieve and that is improving local people’s health. And when people do need medical help it is responsive and meets their needs.”

If people would like to get involved in the work of the PCT they should contact the patient and public involvement team.

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